What Is The Evolved Way?

Updated: Jan 28

‘The Evolved Way’ is a healthy lifestyle movement based on the unification of three areas which are all integral to being healthy; Exercise, Nutrition & Lifestyle. 'The Evolved Way' was developed to unlock the extraordinary performance potential of the brain and body. Our goal is to educate our customers to become as healthy as possible by finding the perfect balance between the three areas so they excel at all of them with minimal effort.

How does the trinity work?

Homeostasis (balance) is an important aspect of healthy human function. While it is important to exercise regularly and eat well to remain healthy, what you do outside of the gym is equally important to your overall health. If you exercise a lot but neglect proper nutrition and recovery, you are at risk of overtraining. If you eat very healthily and have a fairly balanced lifestyle but do not exercise at all, you can still be at risk of illness and disease. It is vital to focus on each element while striving for improvement across all three.

Modern stresses such as bills, traffic and social media force the body into a perpetual state of stress, leading to the overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. As a consequence, the body spends an inadequate amount of time recovering. It enters a state of breakdown where negative emotions are experienced far more often and health declines. It is vital that we redress the imbalance by placing more emphasis on recovery and repair.

The human body functions in a balance of “on” and “off” states. Our on state is our “fight or flight” state which provides us with instant energy required to deal with situations of extreme stress and helps our survival. This is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system which is activated in periods of stress - it is also activated when we exercise.

Our off state is our “rest and digest” state which allows the body to recover and repair. This is controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system and is activated in periods of relaxation and during sleep.

How is this achieved?

Firstly, develop awareness of any limitations in any of the three areas before focusing on making positive adjustments in order to find balance. Chronic stress, inadequate mental and physical stimulation, poor nutritional habits and unhealthy environments have led to more people developing chronic, life-threatening diseases, or “lifestyle diseases”.

Obesity, type 2 Diabetes, stroke, cancer, heart disease and autoimmune conditions are all on the rise and some, especially obesity, are reaching epidemic levels - at this point in time, it is estimated that 1 in 4 adults in the UK is obese (1).

Secondly, work on developing good eating habits, exercising regularly and correctly, socialising and resting appropriately. These are all required in the right doses at the right times to increase the chances of achieving optimal physical and mental health.

Finally, learn how to eat for physical performance and mental clarity, how to exercise properly and how to lead a fulfilling life.

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Need more convincing?

- Your body will look better and perform well during any physical activity.

- You will have a healthy mind free from chronic stress, bad habits and addictions.

- You will discover a better work life balance which will enable you to experience more of what you want in life.

- You will avoid unnecessary discomfort, pain, expensive surgical procedures and most dangerous illnesses.

- You will save time and money.

- You will not have to go to the gym every day or train for as long.

- You will become more confident in your ability to train hard.

- You will be able to prepare healthy and tasty meals easily.

- You will be able to perform at a high level mentally and physically now and far into the future.

It takes time for the body to show clear signs of breakdown without finding out through a check up. Consequently, it is worthwhile to err on the side of caution, be aware of clinical research and remain open minded.

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John Maitland

John Maitland is the co-founder of 'The Evolved Way.’ A personal trainer with over 10 years’ experience, he has worked alongside a wide range of leading CEOs, entrepreneurs and medical professionals. John is a keen athlete and holds a black belt in Shaolin Kung fu. A fan of the great outdoors, he can often be found exploring the British countryside and mountains...or breaking pine boards with his fingers.

Samson Hodin

Co-founder of 'The Evolved Way', and experienced personal trainer, Samson practices what he preaches. His own healthy lifestyle, which informs this site, is based on understanding the right way to eat and exercise, not excluding of course going out and enjoying life knowing you can still feel and look good.



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