It is wonderful seeing and hearing about your transformations. Those who fully commit to purposeful exercise, finding life balance, and preparing homemade food or choosing healthy meal options, are able to inspire family members, friends and even people they don't know as well as sense huge changes in themselves. We are motivated to teach whoever is willing to try to 'evolve'.

I love my full-fat bio organic yoghurt, my cheese and nuts, my homemade chicken and beef dishes, my tuna lunches, and now my homemade protein shakes too! All of these foods I now enjoy mindfully and free of guilt and I love and appreciate that so much. Also, slowly but surely getting to that stage of total comfortability and confidence with my body. I now have the tools, both literally and mentally, to keep on working towards a total love of my body.


I could see a big difference in the mirror. I think what I've learned about nutrition and balancing macros has been very helpful. I would say I enjoyed the visual changes the most, especially seeing some visible top ab and a lot of obliques progression.


I was more awake and alert and found my body clock was waking me more than my actual alarm, I managed to reduce my screentime and instead went to bed earlier and easier due to it. I was averaging at roughly 9 hours sleep each night and never felt the need to take a nap. 


White spots on my nails completely disappeared. I have reduced my carb intake immensely and rather than processed carbs I was substituting veg which was just as filling and helped my bloating stomach in particular. I begun to eat more red meat and fish and not just chicken.


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