John has over 10 years experience as a personal trainer working with top CEOs, entrepreneurs and medical professionals. He is also a qualified ACE Fitness Nutritionist and holds qualifications in circuit training, kettlebell training, olympic weightlifting and advanced stretching.

He is a keen athlete with a black belt in Shaolin kung fu of which he was an instructor for 5 years. He also enjoys trekking and has climbed many of the highest peaks in the UK. 

A proponent of functional training, he uses his knowledge of injury prevention and rehabilitation in his lessons with great success.


Samson, a natural sportsman from an early age, set up his own personal training business through recommendations from his tennis club, where he provided a bespoke fitness programme designed to improve the health and fitness of their members and instructors.

He has now been training high profile professionals and their families on a one-to-one basis for 6 years to make it easy for them to reach their goals.



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